World Boxing Council recognizes the work of CdMx police officers

The World Boxing Council (WBC), in collaboration with the Secretariat of Citizen Security (SSC) of Mexico City, held the award ceremony fo

The (WBC), in collaboration with the Secretariat of Citizen Security (SSC) of Mexico City, held the award ceremony for the outstanding police officers of the month cwith the objective of encouraging the work of officers and recognize the effort and commitment of the elements.

Mauricio Sulaimán Saldívar, president of the WBC, highlighted the importance of this sport, which has given Mexico more than 200 world champions.

He also recognized the boxing policemen who, in addition to their daily work, try to find a dream, such as the case of Irma Torbellino García, who pointed out that she is a female reference for the Institution, as well as Alberto Ruiz Ibarra, El Alacrán, whom, during At the event, he was presented with the WBC Latin American Belt, which he won in a fight held on August 20 against Jair Valtierra.

Likewise, it recognized the leadership of Omar García Harfuch, chief of police, to whom, as symbolic gratitude for his efforts and commitment to the public, he presented a pair of boxing gloves, a commemorative glove signed by champions and former champions of this sports discipline.

In addition, as part of the event, the medals and recognitions were given to the Police Valor in the First Order, to the Police Valor in the Second Order, to the Police of the Month, to the Police Merit in the First Order, to the Finalist for taking a relevant action for the benefit of the citizenship.

“It is an honor to be with two types of very courageous police people who have done truly amazing things for this city, and high performance athletes who are an example to many, not just the youth, children, to all of us,” said Harfuch.

And he stressed that the SSC seeks for all colleagues “to have professional development, but also to be able to pursue their dreams, which is why we are grateful to Mauricio and Héctor Sulaiman, for allowing this to come true.”

Also, during the event as a special mention, the official presentation of the “Teotihuacán Belt” was made, which will be held on November 6 between Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez and Caleb Plant.

Present at the ceremony were the Undersecretary of Institutional Development, Marcela Franco Figueroa; and Undersecretary of Citizen Participation and Crime Prevention, Pablo Vázquez Camacho, the Undersecretary of Intelligence and Police Investigation, Hermenegildo Lugo Lara, the Director of Social and Sports Cultural Promotion, teacher Irma García Nuñez.