World Cup 2022: The day that Bilardo ended Valdano’s ‘Superman complex’ and did not bring him out of retirement for the World Cup in Italy

ANDhe Wednesday marked the 32nd anniversary of the start of the 1990 World Cup in Italy, in which Jorge Valdano I experienced a very early 'second

ANDhe Wednesday marked the 32nd anniversary of the start of the 1990 World Cup in Italy, in which Jorge Valdano I experienced a very early ‘second death’ of a soccer player.

The famous phrase Socrates, the Brazilian legend that says that the soccer player dies twice: when he retires and when he dies. Valdano had two ‘deaths’ due to the peculiar way in which he left football.

Six months after winning the 1986 World Cup in Mexico, in which he scored in the final, a hepatitis chronic took him away from the courts. Three years later, he was offered to go to the next World Cup.

“The coach from Argentina arrives and tells me ‘If you give me six times of your life, I’ll give you a World Cup’. I had recovered the point of view of the fan, who acted as a commentator; a knowledgeable hobbyist. If you offer a fan to play in a World Cup, they jump head first. Still, the rational in me hit the brakes. She was my wife, who knows me better than herself, and she tells me ‘why don’t you do what you feel for once…’. And for once I did what I felt, and what I felt was that I wanted to play another World Cup. I underwent a physical ordeal for six months and a week before starting the World Cupthe coach told me ‘I don’t see you’ and I returned to the world of journalism. I had an important lesson: it taught me that there are limits and we don’t achieve everything we want. There are impediments that have to do with your personal limitations that do not allow you to get where you think you could get. If I had a Superman complex, Bilardo resolved it for me with that decision”, record Valdano in the Liga MX Summit BBVA 2022.

That is why the former player believed oxygenin conjunction with LaLiga, which is a series of courses for active players, thinking of preparing for life after hanging up their boots, since the clubs, in their attempt to give everything to the player, leave them without even knowing how to reserve a hotel and other activities that give them an important reality check at the end of their studies.

Valdano considers that this step, the day after, has not changed. “There is no substantial change other than in the economic possibilities. As football progresses, there is inflation, they earn more and more. With thirty-odd years they begin to take out without putting in, the piggy bank runs out. There is a personal dissatisfaction that must also be reckoned with. There are countries that help more and others that help less. There are very unstable countries where it is difficult to take care of what you have won.”

“It is curious that we footballers never talk about it among ourselves”, Valdano added.