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XX Infochannel Golf Cup is rescheduled for May 9

The XX Infochannel Golf Cup will be held on May 9.

In order not to put at risk the health of the members of the ICT industry, Infochannel and the sponsors of the XX Infochannel Golf Cup, decided to change the date of the event, from January 24, to May 9 next.

“It is our responsibility and that of the sponsors of the XX Infochannel Golf Cup ensure safety and put everyone’s health first. For this reason, we have made the decision to postpone the event for next May 9,” he reported. Marco A. Maytorena, President of High Tech Publishers, and event organizer.

“The current state of the pandemic caused by Covid-19 and the projections that we have reviewed indicate that for the week that begins on January 24, we will be at the crest of the wave of infection,” he added.

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He acknowledged that the decision will cause some discomfort, which will be resolved one by one.

“This is the tournament that has aroused the most enthusiasm in many years; the presence of brands and wholesalers will be first class; value channel representation will be magnificent and from all over the country.

“We will be able to bring together the most select of the ICT industry in Mexico.

“That’s why it was hard for us to make the decision with everything practically already assembled. But we have to be responsible and not expose the health of this valuable group of people,” said Maytorena.

He promised that the XX Infochannel Gofl Cup it will turn out better than planned on the new date that was established to carry it out.

“Courage these days and I hope everyone stays in good health. See you in the field!”, raised the organizer of the event.

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