Yankiel Rivera falls in the second round of the Amateur Boxing World Cup | sports

Yankiel Rivera

had a difficult time in the second round of the Amateur Championship, which is held in Belgrade, Serbia.

The Puerto Rican fighter was eliminated by losing a 5-0 unanimous decision to the young Kazakh veteran Masuf Yusifzada in the stage of the best 16 boxers of the 51 kilograms (kg) division.

Rivera was the only Puerto Rican who remained alive in the world tournament, out of a total of four who traveled to the world tournament in the men’s branch.

Rivera ends his participation in the World Cup with a 1-1 record.

The Pan American medalist defeated Lennon Mulligan of Scotland by split decision (3-2) in the preliminary round held on Tuesday last week.

The World Cup marked Rivera’s return to the stage for the first time since the Tokyo Olympics and also laid the foundations for his permanence – which is still the subject of talks – towards the Paris 2024 Olympic cycle.

After a first round of analysis by both fighters, Rivera took the initiative to chase his rival across the floor, but never managed to connect his punches with consistency.

The Kazakhstan was successful in their attack with straights and hooks to the face, as well as looking elusive on defense.

Rivera, however, had his best moment of the fight when he landed a right hook that led Yusifzada to put one of his gloves on the ground during the third round.

Yusifzada is a veteran of 53 amateur bouts from 2011 to the present.

’s participation ends

With the elimination of Rivera, Puerto Rico’s participation in the came to an end.

Caleb Tirado was also eliminated in the second round after succumbing by unanimous decision (5-0) to Akash Kumar of India.

Bryan Pérez lost a split decision to Korean Sangmin Lee in a 67kg bout on opening day on Monday last week.

Also, prospect Jan Paul Rivera lost his fight to Artur Bazeyan of Armenia because he was unable to appear on the floor due to health problems.