Yokasta Valle rips Vietnamese belt with boxing lesson

Yokasta Valle was always at the forefront, buoyed by 6,000 spectators at the BN Arena. The provocations or attempts at intimidation were not worth

The provocations or attempts at intimidation were not worth it, as the boxer Yokasta Valle achieved an unappealable and historic victory this Thursday against the Vietnamese Thi Thu Nhi Nguyen, which allowed her to unify her 105-pound world title.

Yoka is now the holder of the International Boxing Federation (IBF) and the World Boxing Organization (WBO) belts, which is just a first step in her great sporting goal: to fight for a $1 million purse in the future.

The Costa Rican fulfilled what was said at the weigh-in, when the Asian tried to provoke her with a slight header. If the Costa Rican then took a step back, she would take several steps forward in the ring, she warned. She did it like that from the first assault, encouraged by the BN Arena gym full to capacity with nearly 6,000 fans.

With accurate blows at medium distance, without going too much into the melee that suited the Asian, Yokasta punished her rival constantly but without desperation. In round after round she landed her blows calmly, effectively, not missing out on lunges in the final seconds of each episode.

Thi Thu Nhi Nguyen showed a great capacity for assimilation and although obviously at a disadvantage in the scores, she always remained an unreliable rival, capable of a lucky break.

With a personal record of 26 fights won, of which 13 have been consecutive, with only two defeats in her record and six successful defenses of her world title, the Costa Rican showed that she is one of the great boxers of the moment, so that after overcoming one more step, it is visualized dominated its category in the coming years.

And it is that after defeating Nguyen and annexing the WBO title to that of the IBF that won three years ago to the Spanish Johana Pastrana, in Marbella, Spain, dreams little by little seem to be materializing for the 30-year-old boxer.

Perhaps her biggest contender from now on is to try to reduce the great differences in economic purses between men’s and women’s boxing, which are still abysmal, so the Costa Rican boxer hopes to achieve the goal of starring in a fight for over six figures and make world boxing history.

With everything in your favor

Having signed with Golden Boy Promotions, owned by former boxer Óscar de La Hoya, is another point in favor for the Costa Rican, since carrying out her camps in the United States and rubbing shoulders with the elite of world boxing will help her in her promotion, although it is clear that victories will be your best letter of introduction.

With Golden Boy Promotions he signed for four fights, so there are two remaining and one of them could be in September against the German Tina Rupprecht, monarch of the World Boxing Council (WBC) and the last rival who defeated Valle, in June 2018 , in a highly contested fight.

Another point in favor of Yoka to achieve the fight of her life is that in May of this year she was designated as the best boxer in the world in 2021 by the International Boxing Federation (IBF).

Having defended her belt three times, despite the damage caused by the covid-19 pandemic, earned her a trophy and a white gold ring, which distinguished her as the best on the planet, so her dreams did not they have an end

“My dream is to make history, to be the first woman to fight for a $1 million purse. Having that opportunity, which will not be easy, but with my promoter Mario Vega and my trainer Gloria Alvarado, we hope to achieve it in the coming years”, Valle assured.

Although they did not reveal the amount won for the unification of the scepter against Nguyen, Yokasta and Mario Vega, days before, they commented to La Nación that the prize that Valle won when he won the championship against Pastrana in 2019, was not what they expected and even less so. just; hence the struggle to achieve better economic recognition.

However, they were clear that it was a unique opportunity, so they accepted the fight and decided to take even more risk, by betting part of the purse to generate even more profits.

“Mario told me to bet part of the money on the fight in my favor, to have a bigger prize money. I told him to bet it all, but he didn’t want to and he only bet part of it. In the end I won the world title and we won the bet, although I wanted Mario to bet the whole purse, because I was sure he was going to win”, Valle recalled with a big smile.

“It has taken us a long time to get to where we are. That’s why I dream of a $1 million fight. The American Seniesa Estrada is the one who has been closest to achieving it; That is why I would like to face her in the future. She is a good boxer, but I know I can beat her and I am sure we would put on a good show in the ring,” Yoka explained last year in a public challenge.