“You deserve a better car”

Published: Saturday, 20 August, 2022 15

Mick Schumacher has made a quality leap in his second season in Formula 1. After a difficult first year, fighting not to be last with his teammate, Nikita Mazepin, this year he has shone in several races and is scoring his first points , helped by the leap in quality that Haas has given with the new regulations.

This performance has not gone unnoticed by the rest of the ‘Great Circus’ teams, whose vacancies are already few. For Hans Joachim Stuck, a former Formula 1 driver, the German “deserves a better car than the Haas”, as he commented in ‘Eurosport’.

The clearest leap in quality would be Alpine, in the gap between Fernando Alonso’s departure and Oscar Piastri’s fright, which remains free. If the Australian finally does not stay with the French team, Stuck affirms that Schumacher should keep the seat, although he does not forget the possibility that the Enstone team will once again have Daniel Ricciardo.

Although the ex-pilot believes that Mick’s level exceeds that of Haas, he maintains that “he has to stay there if he doesn’t find another team” because a year without competing would be difficult to assume. Despite all the rumours, the German driver has a contract with the American team until 2023.