“You win two races and in F1 everything changes”

Published: Thursday, June 30, 2022 17:4

Carlos Sainz is still resisting his first victory in Formula 1. This season he has been very close with his Ferrari, but he has not yet achieved it. Time to time. He will eventually arrive.

And he is optimistic. In the preview of the Silverstone Grand Prix he spoke of “winning races”: “More than winning races, I’m trying to return to the fight in the head”.

“My challenges are to be on the podium in all the remaining races, to try to win for the first time and I think that thinking about the World Cup is secondary now. I prefer to return to the consistency of Carlos that has been seen in these years in F1”, says the Spanish.

Monaco and Canada are two scenarios in which he could have achieved that victory: “I came in a little better after the last few races. I could have won Monaco perfectly, I could have won in Canada, with a little more pace and luck.”

“I feel better, but we arrived at a circuit more similar to Barcelona, ​​which is where it cost me the most. You have to be calm and see how I feel at a circuit like Silverstone, faster than the previous ones,” he says.

Sainz is fifth in the world championship with 102 points, nine behind George Russell’s Mercedes. But he looks further: at his teammate, Charles Leclerc, who has 129. The outstanding leader is Max Verstappen with 175 points.

The weekend is expected to be very interesting at Silverstone. The rain will be the protagonist all weekend… and that could revolutionize the grid as it did in qualifying in Canada.