Young Boys – Manchester United, live

Follow the Young Boys – Manchester United of the Champions League live

Good afternoon and welcome to the live narration of the soccer game of Champions League that faces the Young Boys and Manchester United, corresponding to day 5 of this competition. This match takes place in the Stade de Suisse.

Follow all the coverage of the match on the Sport-Journal website, minute by minute, as well as the match preview, the line-ups of both teams and the best plays, the goals and the result of the party. In addition, all the reactions of the protagonists at the end of it.

Schedule and where to watch the Young Boys – Manchester United

This game is played today, day September 14 2021, at 18: 45h. If you want to see it on television, you can do it in Movistar Champions League. Also, of course, all the information about this football match on the Sport-Journal website.