Zurdo Ramrez confirms negotiation with Bivol to avenge Canelo

ANDhe super middleweight champion of the World Boxing Organization (WBO), Gilberto "Lefty" Ramirezconfirmed this Monday that his team is already ne

ANDhe super middleweight champion of the World Organization (WBO), Gilberto “Lefty” Ramirezconfirmed this Monday that his team is already negotiating with the Russian, Dmitry Bivol, to agree a fight between the two. “I just need to sign,” said the native of Mazatlan, Mexico.

The “Lefty” has long expressed his desire to climb to light heavyweight to contend for the title version World Boxing Association (WBA) that Bivol owns and failed to get in his most recent attempt, Salt “Canelo” Alvarez.

In addition, this fight gave the Sinaloan the possibility of facing Bivol before “Canelo” himself, who had also requested it, but he must first fulfill the commitment of the third fight against Gennady Golovkinagreed for September.

In testimony with the portal leftzo.com, Gilberto Ramirez confirmed: “The negotiations are already over. It’s just a matter of whether he wants to and signs the contract. That’s the fight that everyone wants to see, the fight that we all want. I think that in a week everything will look good,” he assured .

That’s right, 100% is going to fight. I am excited, I would like it to be at the end of September, in the national month

Gilberto “Lefty” Ramirez

In fact, Bivol’s victory against “Canelo” was the one that opened the opportunity to “Zurdo”, who immediately raised his hand to collect “revenge” for MexicoWell, he also has a much more natural size to fight against a natural semi-complete, which was one of the problems that the Guadalajara champion faced in his fight in May.

The date that the Mexican is looking for would be September, so that the “revenge for Mexico” coincides with the national month.

Gilberto Ramirez has a record of 44-0, with 30 knockouts, while Dmitry Bivolmeanwhile, is 20-0, with 11 wins on the fast track.

The challenge of “Zurdo” Ramrez to Bivol

In his most recent bout, Ramrez comfortably defeated the German Dominic Boesel by technical knockout in four episodes on May 14 and with that he became a challenger for the WBA world title in light heavyweight.

At that moment, Ramrez took the opportunity to challenge the Russian, warning him that the championship he holds will soon change hands, because he is capable of defeating him and taking away his undefeated record.

The next time I sign a contract, because he knows that this belt is mine, everyone knows that I deserve that fight and I will be victorious for that title

Gilberto “Lefty” Ramirez

He added that it is impossible for him to laugh at her forever and that he wants to “prove that he is one of the best boxers today.”

“The moment of truth has arrived. Bivol, you can’t run anymore. I come from Mexico to teach people that you can, that there are no shortcuts, believe in your dreams that you can go as far as you want. It’s just about dedication.” , the desire and the discipline to achieve something”, added.